Pet Services

Our staff of pet owners know that the loss of a pet is not the loss of a possession but the loss of a family member. We know that you will experience grief and this is normal, and it will affect everyone differently from children to seniors and even other pets

Our goal at Cremation Society of Virginia is to give you a respectful and dignified memorial for your four legged family member. We provide pet cremation in a crematory specially designed for pet cremation. Our trained staff takes the same care for each pet family we serve as we do with a human body. The pet will be handled gently and lovingly, the cremation process is private meaning only one pet is cremated at a time; giving you peace of mind that you are receiving your loving pet’s remains back. A pet visitation suite is available for those last goodbyes to the little ones that gave us unconditional love. We have urns which are size appropriate and designed for your pet’s cremated remains. In addition, we have other pet keepsakes available to create a lasting tribute to the remarkable animal you loved and lost.

Private Cremation

Pet Urns

Paw Print Urn  (Colors - Raku, Pewter, Slate)

  • Small (3") - $55.00 , Medium (4") - $62.50 , Large (5") - 70.00

Paw Tracks Urn  

  • Extra Small (40 c.i.) - $55.00 , Small (85 c.i.) - $65.00 , Medium (125 c.i.) - $75.00

Premium Metal Urns

Sleeping Cat - $49.95 , Cat w/ Yarn - $49.95 , Resting Dog - $39.95

Photo Urns  

Wood Urn (Oak) w/ Photo Frame (4x3.5 Photo) - $50.00 (Personalization Available)

Pawprints Cultured Stone Keepsake (4x3.5 Photo) - $80.00 (Personalization Available)

Sheet Bronze Urn

Bronze Cube (Personalization Available) - $310

Crouching Cat - $50.00

Viewing Cremation

Pet Services

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Pets weighing 0 – 99 LBS $195.00 

Pets weighing 100-250 LBS $275.00 

We offer a Pet Pickup Service (Max radius of 30 miles) - $30.00 plus $.50 per mile.

Cremated remains of pet can be picked up or we will mail them at no additional charges.

Charges to be paid at time of arrangements.