Packages & Prices

The Cremation Society handles all details, including removal of the deceased from place of death and transfer to the Society, medical examiner authorization, cremation, filing of death certificate and return of cremated remains to appropriate individual.

Price Information

Note: For a complete General Price List, please call, or e-mail the Society or click here to download.*

Membership $25.00
Simple Cremation (Member Price) $1625.00 - $1695.00

Our charges (without ceremony) include: removal from place of death (within a 75 mile radius), administrative and staff services, preparation of remains for cremation, refrigeration (up to 48 hour period), transportation to our crematory, cremation, temporary receptacle and filing of death certificate. ALLOW ONE TO TWO WORKING DAYS FOR SIMPLE CREMATION.

Total Cost of Membership and Simple Cremation w/ alternative container $1770.00*

*Medical examiner fee of $50.00 included as required by Section 32.1-307 of the code of Virginia

Memorial Services (optional):

a) Equipment and Staff for memorial service $695.00

Our staff will arrange a memorial service at a location such as a church, civic hall or other location of your choice. Included is a memorial package which consists of register book, personalized memorial folders and acknowledgement cards. An attendant will be included at the memorial service. Not included will be the use of our facility, services of clergy, soloists, organists or other musical accompaniment.

b) Chapel Service with Equipment & Staff $1595.00

This service is the same as above for the Memorial Service, plus the use of our Chapel, an organist and soloist.

c) "Do-It Yourself" Memorial Package $295.00

This option is available for families that wish to conduct their own service. The package contains 50 printed thank you cards with matching envelopes, 100 memorial folders and one register book. Additional Cards or Memorials are $15.00 per 25.

Package and mail of cremated remains (USA only) $75.00
Death Certificates (Virginia fee, per certificate) $12.00
Biodegradable packaging (for ground burial in Memory Gardens) $10.00